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If the environmental benefits don’t have you convinced then perhaps the economical benefits will. As packaging goes, glass is significantly more expensive to use than a box.
Yes, it can be reused and recycled but if winemakers don’t have to pay for glass, they can reduce the cost of their product and pass on the savings to consumers. Even if producers keep a higher margin, the consumer can still benefit if winemakers invest in better equipment and improve the quality of their wine.
Using cardboard rather than glass, Bag-In-Box wine can be produced and thus sold at a much cheaper price. One unfortunate side effect of this cheaper price is the negative connotation from the top quality wine drinkers.
In an industry where price is often used as a guide to quality, the logic dictates that if it’s cheap it must not be as good. But it looks like that might no longer be the case.
To put the price difference in perspective, one of our local bars serves a small glass of wine £6 but serves wine on tap at £4 and wine from a box at £3.75.
It’s not uncommon for a large glass of wine from a bottle to hit double figures but a large glass of box wine at the same bar is only £5. 
That’s a significant saving and the quality is no different!

Transparent BIB (Bag in box)
Advantages:light in weight,convenient for storage and transportation,low breakage ratio and convenient use,economical solution for transit storage,transportation and final retail packing.
This bag is maked by PA/PE laminated materials,with basic barrier and transparent material,it is widely used for edible oil,liquid egg,jam,syrup and other chemicals.
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