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Aseptic Bag

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Aseptic Bag

Aseptic bags are the first to be produced in Asia in the food industry by HANSIN. By combining materials such as metalled PET, PE, EVOH and pure aluminum foil, many physical performance parameters are pioneering in the country. We can produce Standard Barrier, High Barrier and Ultra-High Barrier aseptic bags to meet customers' various requirements like oxygen barrier, fresh and color preservation, aseptic filling, etc. Aseptic bags are widely used for storage and transportation of fluid products such as fruit & vegetable concentrates, wine and beverage, dairy products, condiments, etc.

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Founded in 2006, HANSIN is a national-grade High-Tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales, focusing on medium-large China Aseptic Bag Suppliers and Aseptic Bag Manufacturers. We can produce flexible packaging bags with different applications and various barriers, products’ sizes range from 1L to 220L to 1500L, and include aseptic bags, bag-in-box, IBC liners, and FIBC liners, which are widely used for storage and transport with food and non-food.

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Awarded the most complete industrial qualification And quality certifications in China

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Some key expertise about aseptic bags:

Aseptic bags are specialized containers used to maintain the sterility and quality of liquid or semi-liquid products such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals. They are designed to protect the contents from contamination and spoilage while extending their shelf life. Aseptic pouches are a very part of aseptic packaging, which involves the process of filling and sealing a product in a sterile environment. The purpose is to prevent the introduction of microorganisms that could disrupt or compromise product safety. Aseptic bags are typically made from multiple layers of food-grade materials such as polyethylene, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), aluminum foil, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These layers block oxygen, light and other external factors that may affect the quality of the product. Aseptic bags offer multiple benefits, not only extending shelf life, reducing the need for preservatives, but also minimizing product waste and lowering shipping costs due to their light weight. Commonly used to package products such as dairy products (eg milk, yogurt), juices, soups, sauces and liquid medicines. Fully food grade safe and sometimes used in industrial applications to store chemicals and other liquids. Our sterile bags undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards. We also perform burst testing, leak testing, and seal integrity testing for maximum bag reliability. Not only that, but aseptic pouches are lightweight and require less energy to produce and ship than other packaging alternatives.
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