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1" Premix (High barrier HB)

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1" Premix (High barrier HB)
  • 1" Premix (High barrier HB)
  • 1" Premix (High barrier HB)
  • 1" Premix (High barrier HB)
  • 1" Premix (High barrier HB)
  • 1" Premix (High barrier HB)
Bag In Box

1" Premix (High barrier HB)

Hansin bag in box 5L 10L 20L 25L high barrier aseptic bag for Soda, cola, syrup, juice with valve dispenser manufacturer & supplier

Bag in Box (BIB) packaging has emerged as a cost-effective option for commercial and consumer purposes. This innovative packaging method finds utility in the sector like providing syrups for soda dispensers and serving condiments at fast food joints. Additionally, it becomes popular among consumers as a choice for boxed wine. The adaptability and affordability of Bag in Box make it an attractive option for producers in a variety of industries.

Hansin, a leading manufacturer and supplier, specializes in a wide range of Bag in Box solutions, bag volume from 5 to 25 liters, complete with efficient valve dispensers. One of the notable applications of this technology is in the domain of beverages, including soda, cola, syrup, and juice. The use of Bag in Box packaging in the beverage industry exemplifies its ability to cater to needs of both commercial and consumer sectors.

In the commercial sector, Bag in Box packaging proves to be a reliable solution for supplying syrups to soft drink fountains. Its design incorporates an assembled one-way valve, a feature crucial for maintaining the purity of syrups.

This helps to avoid any contamination and guarantees the cleanliness of the syrups, ensuring them to be easily dispensed in places, like fast food joints, restaurants and other similar establishments. The effectiveness and sanitary benefits provided by Bag in Box packaging have made it a crucial option for the food service industry.

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Hansin Packing


Founded in 2006, HANSIN is a national-grade High-Tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales, focusing on medium-large China 1" Premix (High barrier HB) Factory and 1" Premix (High barrier HB) Company. We can produce flexible packaging bags with different applications and various barriers, products’ sizes range from 1L to 220L to 1500L, and include aseptic bags, bag-in-box, IBC liners, and FIBC liners, which are widely used for storage and transport with food and non-food.


Awarded the most complete industrial qualification And quality certifications in China

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