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liquid flexible packaging for 15 years Member of Aseptic Bag Manufacturers Association Drafting unit of Chinese national standard for aseptic bags


Hangzhou Hansin New Packing Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in the production of various liquid material flexible packaging and providing related complete line solutions. As a drafting unit, it participated in the formulation of China's national standard "Laminated Bags for Aseptic Packaging of Liquid Foods" (GB/T18454-2019) in 2019, and became the only Asian member of the European Aseptic Bag Manufacturers Association (ABMA) in 2020. We will provide flexible packaging including but not limited to the capacity of 1 liter to 1,400 liters, according to the different application requirements of customers. In the class 100,000 clean room,from lid injection molding, film extrusion molding, film laminated processing, to bag making, the entire process is completely controlled by the company, which ensures the quality stability and safety controllability of the products to the greatest extent. The products are selected by COFCO, DÖHLER, GOKNUR,CONSERVERIE,CASALASCO,TRANSA,TOMALIA,JAIN,SRIVARSHA,FARAGELLO,THP and other food companies, and they have been directly exported to more than 40 countries and regions overseas.
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Aseptic Bag (Standard Barrier and Alufoil)

Aseptic Bag

Aseptic Bag (Standard Barrier and Alufoil)

Bag in Box (Aseptic)

Bag In Box

Bag in Box (Aseptic)

IBC Liner (Aseptic)

IBC Liner

IBC Liner (Aseptic)

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