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1"Pressure (Non-barrier)

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1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
  • 1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
  • 1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
  • 1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
  • 1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
  • 1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
  • 1"Pressure (Non-barrier)
Aseptic Bag

1"Pressure (Non-barrier)

Hansin drum bag 220Lt non-barrier plastic bag for dairy.juice concentrate with valve dispenser manufacturer & supplier

Aseptic bags work well to prevent product spoilage and protect their valuables from the risk of bending cracks and harmful oxygen transfer. This active protection not only reduces the risk of spoilage but also significantly reduces waste.

The Hansin Drum Bag 220Lt Non-Barrier Plastic Bag: Fresh Guardian

An outstanding example of this protection is the Hansin Drum Bag 220Lt Non-Barrier Plastic Bag. Although designed primarily for dairy and juice concentrate applications, it demonstrates a commitment to protecting product integrity. This special aseptic bag provides indestructible protection against the twin dangers of bending cracks and oxygen transfer. Whether it's dairy products or juice concentrates, barrier-free plastic bags ensure the contents are protected from external influences. In a world where product freshness is critical, aseptic bags are an important means of preventing spoilage.

The Hansin Drum Bag 220Lt Non-Barrier Plastic Bag exemplifies this commitment to product protection without compromise, ensuring that even dairy and juice concentrates retain their pristine quality.

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Hansin Packing


Founded in 2006, HANSIN is a national-grade High-Tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales, focusing on medium-large China 1"Pressure (Non-barrier) Factory and 1"Pressure (Non-barrier) Company. We can produce flexible packaging bags with different applications and various barriers, products’ sizes range from 1L to 220L to 1500L, and include aseptic bags, bag-in-box, IBC liners, and FIBC liners, which are widely used for storage and transport with food and non-food.


Awarded the most complete industrial qualification And quality certifications in China

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