The benefits of bag-in-box drinks packaging

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The benefits of bag-in-box drinks packaging

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If the first thought that springs to mind are boxed wines, then yes, bag-in-box packaging for wines is a very popular option these days, especially when you realize that wine box sales have shot up 300% since the lockdown began.
Purists may scoff at the thought of drinking boxed wine, but consumers are turning to this option for more than just an economical way to purchase wine. It’s more about the price and convenience.
With more people working from home than ever before, it can be easy to have a bag in a box drink chilling in the fridge ready to drink after a day at work. It is also a convenient way to enjoy a few cocktails at home without the need to leave the house and go to a bar to have them made for you.
Cocktails in a box are also great for Christmas and New Year parties, office parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, and corporate events.
Also, having a bag-in-a-box drink is better than having a bottled drink if you are trying to regulate your alcohol consumption. People are more tempted to finish off a whole bottle of alcohol, whereas, with a boxed drink, you are only going to be tempted to have a glass or two and leave the rest in the fridge for another day.
Bear in mind that bag-in-box drinks are also much easier to fit in the fridge than round glass bottles, so you don’t need to worry about playing fridge Jenga with bottles, jars, cartons, and packets.

BIB is the abbreviation of the bag in box. The package is composed of a flexible bag body made of various materials and an external box made of cardboard. The bag body is equipped with a tap-like switch, which is convenient to open and take out. The unique design can let the liquid flow out and prevent the air from entering, thus prolonging the storage time of products.
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