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Benefits of Olive Oils in Bag-in-Box Packaging

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Benefits of Olive Oils in Bag-in-Box Packaging

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Olive oils in bag-in-box packaging has some benefits such as:
1.Protection from light and oxidation: The bag inside the box prevents light and air from reaching the oil, which can degrade its quality and freshness over time.
2.Freshness upon opening: The pushbutton tap on the box allows oil to be dispensed without letting air in, unlike conventional jugs and tins. This means the oil stays fresh for up to six months after opening.
3.Convenience and cost-effectiveness: The bag-in-box packaging is easy to use, store and transport, and reduces waste and CO2 emissions. It is also more affordable than glass bottles per unit of volume.
4.Versatility: The bag-in-box olive oil can be used for various cooking purposes, such as marinades, sautéing, roasting, grilling, frying and baking.
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