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Application of Aseptic Bags in Food Industry

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Application of Aseptic Bags in Food Industry

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As the social environment and people's needs change, the hygiene of the food industry has also attracted the attention of manufacturers. As a method to ensure food safety and health, Aseptic Bag is also gaining more and more attention. The interference of germs has brought great difficulties to food hygiene. How to preserve food in a sterile environment for a long time has become an issue worth studying in the food packaging industry. 

As the production, packaging, transportation, storage process is constantly contaminated by microorganisms, sterilization techniques such as chemical agents, gas conditioning, high temperature, low temperature can be used to sterilize. But this is still not enough, because many items can not be kept in a sterilized environment. 

Therefore, aseptic packaging technology is applied to food packaging. The so-called aseptic packaging technology is a packaging technology that is filled and sealed in a sterile environment when the packaged object, packaging container or material, and packaging equipment are sterile. Aseptic packaging refers to food products (such as beverages, dairy products, etc.) packaged in an aseptic environment and enclosed in aseptic bags in order to obtain a long shelf life without preservatives and refrigeration.

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