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Any ways to make wine more sustainable and affordable?Bag-in-Box!

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Any ways to make wine more sustainable and affordable?Bag-in-Box!

Industry News

People love wine. So much so, in fact, that when you combine the top five countries, the annual amount of wine drank weighs more than the Eiffel Tower. What is one way to make wine more sustainable and affordable? Bag-In-Box!
Bag-in-boxes are ideal packages for table wines that don’t need to age. In a bag-in-box package, wine stays fresh for up to six weeks as the remaining wine has no contact with the outside air, so there’s no hurry to drink it all in one sitting once it’s open. As an added benefit, consumers don’t need a corkscrew to open their boxed wine. No need to worry about a broken cork. 
As wine producers look to reduce their carbon footprint, it is prudent to substitute bottled wine with more eco-friendly and lighter bag-in-box wine. The top wine producing countries do not match up one-for-one with the top wine drinking countries, meaning the wine on your table likely took a long journey to get there. Compared to bottled wine, boxed wine lessens environmental and financial costs of transportation. The lightweight packaging of bag-in-box wine also reduces packaging waste compared to heavier wine bottles. 
It’s easy to see why bag-in-box wine is growing in popularity. Being lighter, the box is more easily transported for an array of outdoor activities, generally holds more wine and isn’t breakable. And for the Eco-conscious consumer, it has a lower carbon footprint. Bag-in-box wine market is fresh and growing.  

Six advantages of bag in box packaging:
First of all, the bags in box can adopt different material formula according to the performance requirements of different fields of liquid, so as to ensure the rationality, economy, safety and reliability of packaging.
The structure of the bag in box has good air tightness, which can provide satisfactory shelf life. It can still keep fresh for a long time after opening, with good quality and good oxygen permeability.
Bag in box is easy to use and can be opened and closed freely.
The overall weight of the bag in box is relatively light, and the transportation cost is relatively low.
The outer packing of bag in box can be made of different materials and shapes, which can form various styles and grades and meet the needs of different groups and occasions.
The bag in box is suitable for many kinds of packaging (1-25l).
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