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Why Bag-in-box Packaging is so popular?

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Why Bag-in-box Packaging is so popular?

Industry News

Innovative and up-to-date
Bag-in-Box packaging is a more convenient alternative designed to contain liquids, such as juice, oils, wine, and spirits.

Bag-in-box packages are made from combined barrier films, to keep the liquid safe from the air, sun, and other components. Bag-in-box is lightweight, good looking, with a very low carbon footprint compared to glass and PET bottles and does not require a cardboard box.

Bag-in-box wine, once opened, can stay fresh for a month when stored upright and cool in the fridge (even the reds). Some even say six weeks but who keeps it that long anyway?

Bag-in-box ensured the shelf life up to +1 year and easy to carry,saving lots of space and convenient for transportation.


Innovation –Bag-in-box packaging will replace PET bottles and become a new trend in the future.

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