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Why Bag-in-Box for wine instead of bottles

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Why Bag-in-Box for wine instead of bottles

Industry News

Inexpensive: You can make wine that is much better than the most popular brands in the Liquor Store, at nearly ½ the price.


·Convenient: User friendly and easy to open. No shrinks, corks, or corkscrews are required. Easy to store, carry, go, pour, and share.


·Less Storage Space: Takes up less space in your home compared to the equivalent in bottles. Easier to store and transport.


·Maintains Freshness: Can last 6 weeks in the fridge once opened as opposed to an opened bottle that tends to last two or three days after opening.


·Environmentally Friendlier: Less packaging per liter produces less waste (no shrink caps, corks, or labels ending up in landfills). Cardboard boxes can be recycled with the municipal collection. Smaller footprint due to the reduced requirements to produce and transport raw materials required for Bag in Box (cardboard & bags vs. bottles, shrink caps, corks, and labels)


·Versatile: You can bottle any style in this format, from 3L to 23L.


·Less Work: No cleaning or rinsing of bottles required before or after use.


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